SEO Case Studies

How can including case studies on your site win you business?

It's common practice for organisations to include successful case studies as part of their marketing literature and on their websites. The benefits of a focused and well-written case studies page (even one case study may suffice) are many:

Improved SEO through informative content - A good case studies page can offer a range of SEO and web marketing advantages, from site stickiness, repeated visits and low bounce rates created through genuinely interesting and worthwhile content. Turn your site into a resource.

Practical explanation of your core competencies and problem solving skills.

The enhanced kudos and credibility associated with a job well done. You've been successful - people should know about it. Tell them in a case study.

Case studies illustrate the quality of your services and the potential benefits to prospective customers of a proven track record that can show tangible results.

Improved SEO through links - There are fresh internal, inbound and outbound link opportunities that can create powerful link juice and superior search engine profile.

Improved SEO through extended keyword coverage - The opportunity to focus on a fresh set of key words and keyword phrases designed to mesh with the overall marketing brief of the website and enhance search engine positioning strategy.

Why do you want your clients to read your case studies?

At Top Page are keen that out Case Study SEO copywriting skills are marketed. We our SEO Copywriting abilities made clear to prospective clients and traffic drawn to our Case study website page. So what have we done to achieve it?

1. We've created this dedicated Case Study page

2. We've been clear to focus on the Keyword Phrases -- Case Study, Case Studies, SEO and SEO copywriting.

3. We've shared informative and hopefully interesting content on how creating Case Study pages can enhance both your reputation and SEO.

4. We've shared 2 real life examples of where our SEO has generated impressive and measurable results. How our SEO helped our clients Rapid Racking and Fred Stevens improve their online sales by more than 400%.

5. We'll top this off with our 'call to action' a Contact Us Now for more information to find out how expert Case Study Writing can add value to your site and improve your bottom line.

6. Case studies build trust, highlight expertise and bring you closer to your audience.

We can do the same for your company.

High quality case studies don't just 'happen'. Developing compelling and effective case studies is a combination of specialised skills. It requires an understanding of both web marketing objectives and the business under review as well as exceptional writing skills. It also demands a degree of objectivity and insight for it to be really effective. Writing case studies can be a time-consuming task, requiring input and perspective from a range of actors. It is a task best left to experts with the ability to integrate SEO (search engine optimisation), web marketing and SEO copywriting skills. Contact us NOW on Tel: +44 (0)1242 227876 for more information on
blog creation, blog curation and blog management as part of your SEO.
Author - Chris Horner