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Do you want to:

  • Drive more traffic with webwide techniques that use keywords and quality information sharing to generate links to increase your ranking
  • Convert more leads with engaging information and compelling calls to action.
  • Build stronger more sustainable relationships with voiced copy conveying the right messages in the right tone to the right audience.
  • Close more sales with customer-focused letters that resonate with readers' urgent pain to seal the deal-again and again.
  • Raise awareness, build kudos and make more money with concise and scannable writing. Sticky, compelling content that inspires loyalty and authority

    How to achieve first page results

    Simple - Relevance.

    Search engines live for relevance. They adore relevance. Search engines seek the foremost authority on a given subject, the most useful, reputable sites and those that share expertise on a particular topic. It's only through their ability to identify sites of genuine worth that search engines can offer competitive advantage over the rest. Millions of dollars and man hours are spent evolving new and intelligent ways by wish they can generate the most relevant results.

    An emerging theme over the last few months has been something of a return to basics. The age-old concept of quality. Forget the spin, forget the hype, black is the new black and good is good. Always was, always will be. You can't fool all the people all the time and guess what?

    How to develop relevance?

    Simple - high quality content and copy that inspires authoritative inbound links and drives reputation.

    Great SEO copywriting delivers, every time. It's official.

    The image of the SEO copywriter casting perfect keyword selection, placement and density spells to achieve wondrous top page rankings is a myth. Silver bullets and the snakeskin oil of hidden text and keyword stuffing should be left where they belong - back in the last century with all the old school SEO blaggers.

    SEO has moved on from focusing largely on keyword density, it's importance diminished by other more interrelated and sophisticated factors. Yes keywords are still vitally important, especially in titles, headings and naming protocol alongside frequency/collocation and their relationship with each other.

    The really important factors now are time, relevance and trust.

    Time for SEO Copywriting

    Time. Well time takes time but the other two factors, trust and relevance can both engage readers and inspire inbound links through high quality SEO copywriting.

    Trust SEO Copywriting

    Search engines like focus. Focus says trust. Proximity of keyword placement and reinforcement is the new deal. If a page starts with a particular topic/keyword consistently mentioned and reinforced through the middle and end of the page, this is indicates a subject focus.

    Remember - A major impact on ranking position for any web page is down to what happens off site, in the form of links from other sites. Reputation built on authority bestowed by other authoritative. Quality will always out. Trust rules. Compelling content gains eyeballs, wins fans, establishes traction, results in authority and is rewarded by high search engine placement, gains eyeballs, wins fans, establishes traction, results in authority and so it continues - A virtuous circle of trust.

    Remember, in the eyes of both human readers and the search bots (web crawlers that spend their virtual lives roaming the Internet and indexing content -spiders can't read images or graphics and they cannot determine the relevance of Flash), it's text pure and simple that counts. You are how you read. That you read well and informatively clearly infers a quality web destination and will be rewarded with quality inbound links and successful rankings. Deep-link relevant content using your main keywords clearly signifies that these keywords are an important part of your optimisation strategy. Poor copy, badly linked, ill conceived and/or executed infers a substandard offering and will be shunned.

    When it comes to SEO (search engine optimisation) and to legitimately achieve high search engine rankings don't ask what search engines can do for you, ask but what you can do for search engines. It's your responsibility to create original, informative, interesting written content. The search engines owe you nothing but if you present a well written case (or SEO copy in this case) they will turn out to be the very best of friends.

    Expert SEO copywriting creates compelling content, striking a tone and sharing information in a voice the audience can relate to; it develops themes and inter-relates them over time into a rich, cohesive resource. Content of value is the key and it's authoritative inbound links that reflect a sites worth in the eyes of Internet users and therefore in the eyes of the search engines. Rich, aging content and the links it inspires over time matures search engine trust and authority. In effect high quality content is SEO Copywriting - SEO Copywriting is high quality content.

    SEO Copywriting means relevance

    Inspiring authoritative links has become THE deal-breaking component of SEO. By developing topical relevance within your site with fresh content and by cross-linking it with other useful and authoritative pages you start to close the gap between what people want and what you can offer - a synergy between the searcher and the searched. By writing themed, relevant and regularly updated content you attract the search engine spiders. Staying on topic and maintaining a regular posting schedule or by adding fresh site content will generate increased spidering and indexing. As each of your pages establishes a foothold in search engines, link juice flows back to the homepage that then redistributes even more relevance throughout the rest of the site. The more pages that appear for a given topic, the stronger relevance score your website has for that topic.

    Not only should on page website copy prove exceptional value but with the emergence from 2006 of social media marketing as a way to attract links with compelling content we've seen an explosion in offpage SEO copywriting in the form of online articles, press releases, sales letters and blogs.

    The steps in successful SEO copywriting

  • Project scope and definition
  • Identify your audience
  • Keyword selection process
  • Develop related content and copy.
  • Link it (to and from) other related content with deep links.
  • Invite the spiders to feed on your content
  • Measure and adjust accordingly - the best SEO strategies mature over time

    Ideal site visitors are defined through audience analysis and the campaign's semantic space is defined through research, surveys and general fact finding. It's important at this stage to try to get inside the head of the prospective audience. Content on the site will be directed specifically at them using a voice they can relate to, in a language they can identify with. Content must press the right emotional buttons to generate positive. Emotional returns similar to those that prompt us to purchase things can also cause us to link, bookmark, Twitter and Digg. Compelling benefits offered through content allow visitors to emotionally invest in a site by linking to it. This initial stage of the SEO process is where you define the semantic environment through which our audience might best relate to your message. Google asks, "What creates value for your users."

    Next is the intelligent keyword selection stage, the creation of a list of preferable keywords and phrases that offer optimum opportunities for attracting potential visitors, customers and links. The keyword formulation step should be revisited regularly as part of campaign assessment allowing you adjust as appropriate.

    It's important to re-emphasise that content (SEO copywriting) of value is vital and that it is inbound links which reflect its worth in the eyes of Internet users and therefore the search engines. Of course it's very important to apply all the other optimisation techniques necessary to make your site as search as possible. At Top Page SEO we expertly address site structure issues, site hierarchy, optimised and themed tag naming. It should be recognise though that simply tweaking a web page to try and create higher rankings before compelling content has been established and a web wide campaign addressed is largely futile, especially when it comes to the more popular search terms.

    Search engine algorithms are evolving ever further away from old school (and highly manipulable) relevance measurements, assigning increasing importance to authority and off page factors such as social media tagging and blog-driven links, articles, press releases and sales letters. As a consequence professional copywriters armed with the ability to inspire inbound links and conversions are becoming increasingly vital components in search engine marketing and SEO campaigns.

    Top Page offers a wealth of professional and expert copywriting experience. Both creative and qualified we deliver the very best copy solutions for your campaigns.