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The importance of Link Building ( Nov 2009)
We have never or would not recommend you buy or purchase one way links as this would break the Google guidelines and would be seen as spam, which could result in your website being blacklisted and removed from Google's indexing

Link popularity is now THE dominant factor determining which websites achieve top page profile on Google and the other major search engines such as Yahoo and MSN. Much of what SEO experts do is geared to developing powerful inbound links.

Link popularity and the strength of the links to your site will be the deciding factor in the success of your SEO (search engine optimisation) campaign. To earn high quality links your site must offer high quality content and be considered worthy as a destination to visitors. Content development, web design, site architecture and SEO copywriting all work hand in hand in achieving this aim.

Strong Inbound Links establish relevance

The name of the game is relevance. Other sites need a reason to link to you. Make it easy for them and for you too in the long run by developing a site of genuine worth. Well optimised, informative, interesting and useful destinations of genuine interest attract visitors and search engine spiders, earning high quality inbound inks.

Use Professional Link Building to grow your business

Developing successful link building strategies and maintaining them can be a time consuming business. It's usually much more cost effective and easier to use a professional link building company such as Top Page.

it's the role of SEO professionals to evolve a site's relevance then share it through creative link building strategies. As your site's authority builds through links from authoritative and trusted sites so search placements improve, visitor numbers increase and your business grows.

Ten ways that your SEO partner will build powerful inbound links:

1. Link Acquisitioning - There are bound to be industry leading or respected and authoritative sites within your field that you look up to. It's important to identify these related, authoritative sites or pages and work to nurture relationships.

2. High quality exclusive content - Make your website a resource by delivering informative stimulating copy, tools and services, exclusive content. Whatever it takes to inspire, visitors that stick.

3. Article creation, syndication and article exchange - Well developed and well syndicated SEO articles with embedded links to highly optimised landing pages will yield returns.

4. Link baiting - Embed links within articles, press releases, blog copy or media with inbound links can deliver a range Internet marketing opportunities. Often these forms of web content remain live on line for years.

5. Widgets - RSS powerfully pushes and pulls information and sites links across the Internet. Use screen savers, wallpapers, viral applications, niche applications to add value to other sites and link back to yours

6. Web 2.0 - Use tags and URLs on sites such as Flikr eCademy, LinkedIn, MySpace and Yahoo! 360 to Digg, and StumbleUpon "Web 2.0" sites offer many linking opportunities.

7. Directories - This is the simplest and quickest method of link building. Paid for (often human edited) and free directory submission opportunities include Yahoo,, DMOZ etc. Permanent directory listings can show up as back links within Google, Yahoo and/or MSN and all contribute to authority. You should manually submit your website or landing pages to the relevant sub-categories at the quality directories.

8. Blogsphere - Who are the commentators of influence in your marketplace, profession or field? Make contact, link to them and work to inspire powerful reciprocal links.

9. Your own blog - Develop an authoritative and entertaining blog. Cultivate an audience.

10. Professional contacts - Offline business networking through friends' sites, clients, industry associates and suppliers all provide link building opportunities.

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